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AI & Robotics Technologies Park (ARTPARK) set up in Bengaluru


What is ARTPARK?

  • ARTPARK, is a unique not-for-profit foundation established by Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru with support from AI Foundry in a public-private model.

  • With seed funding of Rs. 170 Cr ($22mn) from Department of Science & Technology(DST), Govt. of India, under the National Mission on Inter-disciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS), it will bring about collaborative consortium of partners from industry, academia and government bodies.

  • This will lead to cutting edge innovations in terms of new technologies, standards, products, services and intellectual properties.

What ARTPARK will do?

  • ARTPARK will develop AI & Robotics facilities to support technology innovations as well as capacity building through advanced skills training of students and professionals in these areas.

  • Some of these facilities will be key enablers for whole new sets of technologies, products and services.

  • DataSetu: It will develop DataSetu - that will enable confidentiality and privacy-preserving framework to share data and run analytics spurring the data-sharing ecosystem and create a data marketplace, boosting AI applications and solutions.

  • BhashaSetu: One such service will be BhashaSetu - that will enable real-time Indic language translation, both of speech to speech and speech to text.

  • This will further unlock the economic potential of the country, and enable all Indian citizens to equitably participate in the economic progress, regardless of their language.

Significance of the development

  • Promoting innovation: ARTPARK will promote technology innovations in AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Robotics

  • Positive societal impact: The development will lead to societal impact by executing ambitious mission mode R&D projects in healthcare, education, mobility, infrastructure, agriculture, retail and cyber-security focusing on problems unique to India.

  • Advanced kill development: This premier research translation park will help students and professionals in capacity building through advanced skills training.


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