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How well do you know the news?


The first one is information – what happened, when it happened, who were involved etc. which is commonly available to all. The second one is insights - Insights are beyond news or information that is processed. Examples, Why it happened, what next, what changes, how and when will the change happen etc.


EDSTAR believes in the concept of being assiduous if you are aiming to crack UPSC CSE/ State PSC/ SSC/ IBPS and other competitive exams. 

Recent UPSC/ PSC trends have been current affairs based - so we need to solve daily current affairs questions which will provide you with regular insights designed by our experts panel.


Can you link current affairs with contemporary affairs? For this we bring ‘One day One News One Quiz (ODONOQ)’ program for our students which will aid in their daily preparations to have a grasp of daily current affairs.


Based on the syllabus of competitive exams, we make daily quiz questions from across domains like - PIB, Doordarshan, All India Radio, The Hindu , Indian Express, Mint, Economic Times, Business Standard, Yojna, Kurukshetra, Down to Earth, Science Reporter and Govt. websites as well as reports.


So, “The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle”. That’s why we follow the “DNA approach” in learning current affairs through solving regular questions. This will not only bring detailed explanation of each and every question but also it will be linked with basic concepts that we should know. These fine Insights give you a heads up over the rest of the aspirants through the mantra of “Reform, Perform, Transform”. 


Reform your mindset to link current affairs with ‘heart and mind approach

Perform in regular tests for yours SWOT analysis

Transform yourself to the demand of the exam.

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