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Current Affairs Package

Package Details

Package Price:- Rs.60/-

Course Code:- CA1201
Package Validity:- 30 Days

What will you get in the package?

(I)  Daily Headlines

(ii) Daily News Analysis

(iii) Research Papers 

(iv) Weekly Current Affairs Test

Who should avail of this package?

Anyone can avail of this, there is no limitation for knowing current affairs. The package is specially designed for keeping competitive exams in view.

Why should I pay for content when content is generally available for free?

A content, as you consume, is categorized into two broad buckets.

(i)  The first one is information - what happened, when it happened, who was involved etc. This information is commonly available to all and will always remain free to access on the Internet.

(ii) There is a second much more detailed category we commonly refer to as insights. Insights are beyond news or information that is processed. e.g.:- Why it happened, what next, what changes, how and when will the change happen, etc. 


(iii) Insights give you a heads up over the rest. When you subscribe to EDSTAR, along with its other key benefits, you are basically paying a nominal price to access these insights before others do.   


(iv)It is a small price to pay to stay better and informed and ahead of the rest.


  • All courses being offered here are only on the monthly basis.

  • On completion of the transaction you will be redirected to the user bio data page where you will fill all necessary details which need to be exactly the same that you entered during the transaction.

  • After completing the necessary payment procedure, kindly keep checking our website to get access to the course.

  • It’s mandatory to fill correct user details while purchasing the course and the same details you must fill after a successful transaction. EDSTAR will not be responsible for any sort of wrong input given by the user during the payment process.

  • In case of any wrong information and failed transaction, feel free to contact us as soon as possible. Our customer support team will get back to you as early as possible.

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