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About Us


EDSTAR is an online platform developed with the idea of blended learning that includes ultimate flexibility, quick knowledge delivery and different personalization options. The biggest challenge of teaching in today’s context is teachers must face when teaching a diverse group of students with different knowledge levels, grasping power, and learning preferences. To combat this challenge a team of dedicated young minds has been designed to provide supplementary online education support at the most affordable market price for connecting especially, the excluded section of society with mainstream education process. Our goal is achieving excellence and reflect the innovation in the process of learning. Teaching holds the power to open minds that create brainstorming ideas relieving and reconnecting. We aim to sustain every kid’s enthusiasm, interests, idealism, and instructive achievement.


Our digital resources, tools and learning materials are developed by instructive specialists and designed under expert guidance to consolidate decrepit academic practices. Because we believe in inclusive education- all students, regardless of any challenges they may have are to receive high quality yet accessible and feasible instruction, interventions and supports that enable them to meet success in the core curriculum.

                                                                           Here at EDSTAR, we provide education to everyone for everyone by laying a efficient-potential foundation for students in academic practices, inculcating social values of equality, plurality, inclusivity in the broadest terms and developing solid base of moral concepts attached with real life learning methodology. Join us, take a step towards better education, gleaming future, and equality.

What Makes Us Different?

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We at EDSTAR put hard efforts to provide courses that deals with critical thinking, logical reasoning, unleashing creativity and decoding others and this is why our team works 24/7 to structure a model of learning that is based upon following listed process of learning: -

  • Crossover Learning

Learning in informal settings, such as using technology and after-school hours, can link educational content with issues that matter to learners in their lives. These connections work in both directions. Learning in schools and colleges can be enriched by experiences from everyday life; informal learning can be deepened by adding questions and knowledge from the classroom. These connected experiences spark further interest and motivation to learn. These crossover learning experiences exploit the strengths of both environments and provide learners with authentic and engaging opportunities for learning. Since learning occurs over a lifetime, drawing on experiences across multiple settings, the wider opportunity is to support learners in recording, linking, recalling, and sharing their diverse learning events.


  • Learning Through Argumentation

Argumentation helps students attend to contrasting ideas, which can deepen their learning. It makes technical reasoning public, for all to learn. It also allows students to refine ideas with others, so they learn how scientists think and work together to establish or refute claims.

  • Incidental Learning

Incidental learning is unplanned or unintentional learning. It may occur while carrying out an activity that is seemingly unrelated to what is learned. It triggers self-reflection and this could be used to encourage learners to reconceive what could otherwise be isolated learning fragments as part of more coherent and longer-term learning journeys.

  • Context-Based Learning

Context enables us to learn from experience. By interpreting new information in the context of where and when it occurs and relating it to what we already know, we come to understand its relevance and meaning.

  • Computational Thinking

Computational thinking is a powerful approach to thinking and problem solving. It involves breaking large problems down into smaller ones (decomposition), recognizing how these relate to problems that have been solved in the past (pattern recognition), setting aside unimportant details (abstraction), identifying and developing the steps that will be necessary to reach a solution (algorithms) and refining these steps (debugging). The aim is to teach children to structure problems so that they can be solved and be master in an art of thinking that will enable them to tackle complex challenges in all aspects of their lives.

  • Embodied Learning

Embodied learning involves self-awareness of the students interacting with a real or simulated world to support the learning process. When learning a new sport, physical movement is an obvious part of the learning process. In embodied learning, the aim is that mind and body work together so that physical feedback and actions reinforce the learning process.

  • Adaptive Teaching

Adaptive teaching uses data about a learner’s previous and current learning to create a personalized path through educational content. Continuous monitoring on one’s progress keeps both the learner as well as teacher motivated in the learning process.

  • Stealth Assessment

Stealth assessment can test hard-to-measure aspects of learning such as perseverance, creativity, and strategic thinking. It can also collect information about students’ learning states and processes without asking them to stop and take an examination. In principle, stealth assessment techniques could provide teachers with continual data on how each learner is progressing.

  • Scientific approach

The young minds engaged in learning process can only be developed if from the very first day students gain knowledge in multiple domains of a subject with scientific ideology to apply the same in their surroundings.



We believe that continuous hard work, sincere efforts for self-assessment and affordable education process that connect social aspects of livelihood with prescribed curriculum by the education board could only mould a child in becoming a full potential candidate to provide services to the nation. Keeping in view of this, not only we aim to provide the best learning practices to all but also, we provide the platform for young talented minds who want to impart their knowledge at best possible affordable-accessible price in multi-disciplinary level so that the mindset of today’s generation could develop in a broader way. All in all, we want to build an equal platform for every student to compete with broadly acquired knowledge that carries equal amount of importance which is being emphasized in the New Education Policy Bill, 2020. Ultimately our purpose of providing education is to make a student academically stronger and socially upright to think ideally, analyse intellectually and act responsibly.

                                                                                                                                                 The biggest motive behind EDSTAR is that finance should not be the constraint to acquire knowledge and if the knowledge provided to the students, could not be the part of elite business then for sure India is the next biggest market economy in the world and then definitely, the vision of ‘missile man of India’ to make India superpower could be fulfilled.

  • Distinctive curriculum: Our innovative courses are tailored for crucial 21st century workplace skills.

  • Pracademic Pedagogy: Our approach is rooted in research, expert insights, and behavioural science.

  • Career Focus: Our focus is to guide learners continuously on their academic journeys.


A straightforward and easy -to-understand vision of EDSTAR is the course which we provide to our users is designed in keeping view of learning objective, concept development, skill development, relevance to real life, skill closure and independent practice.

Education now should not be about (although it still is unfortunately) testing on mundane formulas and in strict time constraints (this doesn't only go on in primary school but gets worse the first few years of higher education). Testing is not representative of what goes on in the business world anymore, no one will tell you to dead-memorize a bunch of information (most of which is widely available as mass information anyway) and sit down to take your test in a cubicle on time constraint. What IS required however to be successful in today's new working environment and leadership positions is the ability to collaborate and communicate. Keeping this in mind, EDSTAR ensures to provide the best possible, affordable, accessible quality education platform for everyone in current digital age, which is deeply shaping the way students learn and will also determine their prospects. At EDSTAR, we encourage students to embrace this fast, changing world and making them ready for tomorrow by being their constant learning partner.



Look What Survey Says!

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Recently, we were able to conduct an online survey on the education system in which large number of students across the length and breadth of the nation submitted their opinions regarding the education system and especially the structuring of the e Learning platform. According to the survey conducted by the team, many brilliant ideas were received and EDSTAR will try its best to work upon those keeping in view of the market demand. Interestingly,
few facts came to our notice-
(i)  e Learning platforms should add competitiveness, discipline, dedication, and patience in the learning methodology.
(ii)  42% of students rated online education quite good over private tuition while 31% rated it as average but the more important thing is 27% rated online education below average than tuition.
(iii)  There is a large group of students who expect skill development and internships from e Learning platforms. Also, there should be sort of appreciation and certification in parallel to the course content so that the moral strength of the child remains at par.
(iv)  Surprisingly, the most important factor came to the notice is the price at which education is being delivered today through internet. And on other side, there is a group of students in society who want education as affordable as mobile top-ups.

So, being a student-friendly and sincere education platform, it’s our utmost responsibility to provide education to every child in our society by inculcating cognitive skills among students with most affordable value of education.

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